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breathe on it.

5 April
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1800's-1960's, 1970s houses, a good thriftstore find, abandoned places, accordions and concertinas, alternate names for things, antique medicine bottles, antique rope beds, antiquing, b movies, beekeeping, being a gangstaa, blue oyster cult, buffalo hot wings, business suits, caesar salad, carousels, cheddar and sour cream, chemical clocks, chemistry, crisp new notebooks, cuddling all night, cute little cursive, daguerreotypes, drag queens, edie beale, feminism, film photography, footie pajamas all day, freckles, fresh prince of bel-air, frosted glass, ghost towns, giving massages, going around barefoot, going for walks, good morning texts, grey gardens, hamburger related things, hedgehogs, holding hands, infomercials, inside jokes with myself, judy garland, just doing homework, kitsch, knitting, lacy underwear, late night television, laughing until i cry, looking out windows, making out, mixology, mushroom hunting, mycology, mystery science theater 3000, nasty vintage recipes, not being lactose intolerant, obscure phenomena, old school hiphop, organic chemistry, ornithology, philip johnson's glass house, pokemon, qwantz, retro video gaming, road trips through small-towns, rupaul, rupaul's drag race, s-t-a-u-n-c-h, sailing, sarah you're home, sega genesis, sexytimes, shaquille o'neal's rapping, sharon needles, sign language, smell of old books, sour skittles, swahili, swimming in cold lakes, target shooting, texting him all day, the hidden cameras, the smell of plastic, thrift stores, tiny food, tommy wiseau's brain, toy food, twerking, urban decay, vanillin, watching the jesus channel, we can sexy, windy grey days, world of warcraft, zoology