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Over & done with
I'm so gassy today and it's driving me crazy.
I came home to the Hovel and had a cathartic experience in cleaning and throwing old school papers away. So I feel like this can really be my theme song now:

David bailed on me on New Years, and I thought he was going to provide me with my New Year's kiss but I decided I'd have more luck with romance if I painted some lips on my fist and punched myself in the face at midnight. That's okay though, I enjoyed my Jack in the Box and Twilight Zone. The episode I turned to was one the first episode of TZ that I've seen! (Talky Tina)


I've been obsessed with pulldown maps for a while, especially the ones with topographical colors, even though they're hella expensive on Etsy (trust me, I've seen many), once I see it paired with a chevron blanket of matching colors and embroidery hoops of fantastically colored kitschy prints, I can't make excuses! I need one of these bad bitches! Though keep in mind I would throw in a hoop or two with some rap lyrics like I mentioned earlier.


This reading nook shall be mine. With less brown!


Somewhere in Iceland there is a hobbit hole with my name on it.

And I'm gonna make one of these motherfuckers.


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